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At Hampshire Polo School we also provide various livery services for all ranges of horses from full livery, part livery and working livery.

Working livery is a cheaper option which allows for polo ponies to do lessons for the school in order to pay for part of their up-keep as long as they are quiet enough for students.

Our services include a covered 6 horse walker, an 90m x 40m outdoor arena and several grazing paddocks that are well designed for easy access with not far to walk.

The paddocks are well managed throughout the year in order to maintain their quality, and their droppings are swept up to maintain their upkeep. The network of paddocks allows for horses to be separated from each other to reduce injury, although providing a friendly environment.

Our new American-style barn (pictured below) provides for a modern, friendly and cosy livery yard with bathroom services including a shower and a comfy rest room to relax and make a warm beverage.

The barn consists of 16 stables, tack room, feed room, rug room, rest room, bathroom and wash down area.

To enquire about our livery services please contact Sean on 07734 116077 or complete our enquiry form.

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