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At Hampshire Polo School we also provide riding lessons for those of you who are either not such confident riders or for those of you who have never ridden before and would like to give it a go.

Additionally, for those of you who may have unfortunately had a bad experience of riding lessons in the past and would like a gradual confidence boost in riding, we have had great success in getting people back into the saddle and improving their riding. Or perhaps, for those of you who have never trotted or cantered and would like to move up a gear, our riding lessons can also help you.

We can teach normal riding or polo riding depending on what you are looking for. Polo riding is a more western, relaxed way of riding with the need to only use one hand on the reins, therefore controlling the horse by using neck reining left and right, as well as applying the appropriate leg positioning.

Unlike many other centres, during our riding lessons you will spend the whole lesson on the horse in order to get maximum benefit and time in the saddle. During our riding lessons we also teach you to have increased stability in the saddle by adjusting your leg position and body movement within the saddle.

It is important to understand the correct position whilst on the horse in order for the horse to be able to move happily and comfortably with you on its back, as well as yourself being comfortable.

Riding Lesson Prices

  • Single half hour £55

  • Single 1 hour £85

  • Double 1 hour £70 each

  • 3 or more 1 hour £50 each

  • 1 hour student group of 4 or more £40 each

Don’t be afraid to give us a call on 07734 116077 or email us to enquire or book your lessons today.

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