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At Hampshire Polo School we also offer polo pony schooling.

Sean Wilson-Smith – one of our instructors – has many years experience in successfully training horses from a young age to a playing level. He has taken ex-racehorses through their paces in a training program where they progressed to a high level. In fact some of Sean’s horses, who he has chosen off the racetrack, have made the high goal polo scene.

Sean prefers to train horses that have been broken in already, and from the age of around 4 years and upwards. This is because it is easier to progress well and get faster results with a mature horse. Sean’s best horse who he trained from the racetrack was 6 years old when he got her, and she’d even won a race over hurdles! He’s also found that more mature horses can be pushed more than the younger ones.

In some respects it’s often not about getting fast results, but knowing how to push the horse effectively to gain results. Every horse is different. They all have different characters and it’s important to treat each one differently. And especially at the early stages of training, sessions must be kept short as to not make things complicated in order to ensure good results.

For enquiries about keeping a horse with us for training please contact Sean.

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