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We offer a wide range of polo lessons from an individual hour of 1-to-1 up to more intense courses. Our prices are very competitive and you will get a lot out of your lessons. The lessons are well structured in order to enhance a pupil’s progress, and our instructors assess the progress of pupils to provide maximum achievement. We also sell vouchers for a package of lessons which provides for a very attractive gift for someone.

Polo Lesson Prices

  • Single 1 hour private lesson £115

  • Double 1 hour (2 people) £80 each

  • 3 or more (non-students) 1 hour £70 each

  • 1 hour student group of 4 or more £47.50 

  • Half day single £300

  • Half day 2 or more £200 each

  • Full day single £480

  • Full day 2 or more £300 each

  • 3 day adult £1,050

  • 3 day under 16s £750

  • 5 day adult £1,600

  • 5 day under 16s £1,025

To book individual or group polo lessons, or to just find out more about what we offer call us on 07734 116077 or complete our contact form and we will get back to you.

The Hampshire Polo School is a great place to get outdoors into beautiful countryside in order to boost morale, team building, learn to play polo, de-stress, be in a safe environment within the enclosed arena for those more nervous pupils as well as pure entertainment. We welcome anyone who wishes to experience the joy of playing polo.

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